South Africa

Update 1

It has been nearly two weeks since I left with a team from PBA (Palm Beach Atlantic University) to South Africa. We landed in Johannesburg on Wednesday, May 24th. Then we drove about an hour to a plot in Pretoria where we have been staying for the past couple weeks. Our time here has been beyond our expectations.

It is incredibly beautiful here in SA and the Ethnos team that has adopted us have been so hospitable to my team in every way. They encouraged us to rest for the first couple days to help us get over our jetlag. During these past few weeks, one of the Ethnos members from France has been teaching each of us how to cook properly. We have also spent a lot of time sharing our life stories with the entire team, from when we were born to why we came to South Africa. This has helped our leaders to know us better and for our team to grow closer together.

We have also begun to do outreaches in the city of Pretoria and in rural regions. These outreaches have primarily focused on sharing the love of Jesus with people who are unreached. There are a lot of homeless people living in the center of the city and in regions outside of the city. So, we have spent most of our outreach talking and spending time with homeless men.

Township Outreach

Vusi is one of the men that we met during our homeless ministry. He lives with other homeless men in makeshift tents in a field. During the day, the men go out to look for work. They usually come back in the evening and sit around a fire talking and eating what food they can scavenge. When we first met Vusi, he told us a little bit about his story and how he is the most blessed man in the world because he has working feet and working hands. It was incredible just to hear about the faith he has in the midst of such worldly poverty. My team has continued to pray for him and bring him and the other men Bibles. One of the Ethnos members has also connected him to a local church that is only a five-minute walk from where he lives.

One of the first Saturdays here, my team also had an incredible opportunity to meet a woman named Mama V. She runs a safe house in the center of Pretoria for women leaving prostitution. On Saturday my team went to her house for a worship and prayer time with Mama V. and her girls.  There was so much joy in this house as we worshipped and prayed together. It was a beautiful taste of what heaven would be like, worshipping God in every way and with every language.

Worship at Mama V’s

Thank you so much for praying for my team and I as we are here in South Africa. Please continue to pray for us as we begin doing more outreach. Pray that God would continue to give us boldness as we encounter different cultures and people. Pray also for the people that we have already met – that they would truly desire to know Jesus.

Love well,



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