South Africa

Update 2

These past two weeks have been full of ministry. We spent a few days painting and restoring the church that local Ethnos missionaries attend. It was a huge project. The result was beautiful and it was such a blessing to be a part of the church’s transformation as they transition into a new season. We also have had multiple opportunities to attend the church and meet the congregation there.

Painting Northway Church

This past week and weekend we went to a rural town about two hours Northwest of Pretoria called Loding. We spent four days there preaching, doing home visits, praying, and being part of a Youth Conference. Being in Loding has by far been my favorite part of being in South Africa. While in Loding, we worked with a woman named Mama Dorothy. She works for Ethnos and has an awesome team that helps her in spreading the truth of the Gospel in Loding and neighboring communities. She really challenged each of us to get out of our comfort zones during the home visits. We each were given the opportunity to share a short devotional with the people we visited and offer prayer if they wanted. This was a challenge for me because the people whose homes we visited had each lost a loved one or were very ill themselves. I was encouraged by the power of the Gospel and God’s love for people. Here in South Africa there are many different religions and mixed beliefs, yet we have opportunities to show the character of God through loving people and being with them amid incredible difficulties.

House Visits in Loding

As a team, we spend time every morning reading 1 Corinthians 13. In this chapter Paul is telling the Corinthians what love is. Love has become our theme on this trip. God has continued to reveal to each of us the depth of His love for us and for the world. I’m reminded of the first verse where Paul says, “If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate” (MSG). As we continue to do outreaches where we preach and pray with people, our hope is that people see and hear the love of God through us.

Please continue to pray for my team as a lot of us are recovering from sickness. My teammate DJ and I both went to the doctor earlier this week because we have both been very sick for about a week. We found out that DJ has a viral infection and I have vertigo. So continue to pray for all of us as we recover and that we will have renewed strength for this last month in South Africa. Also pray that our team will remain unified.

Love well,



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